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Often connected to or registered directly from other social media accounts (Privacy and location are two of the biggest flags, but these apps can also increase the potential for bullying.

Because these apps offer the ability to stream live video, there is no way to know ahead of time what content the video may contain, making it impossible to ensure that minors won’t be exposed to inappropriate content.

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Technology evolves seemingly at the “speed of light,” and sometimes even the most harmless apps can be used for harmful purposes.

Open communication and taking time to regularly find out what apps your child is downloading, how they work, and what kinds of issues your child has encountered online are often the best precautions for parents to take.

Head to this page, where you'll see everything you've watched in chronological order, and remove any and all of your misdeeds.

And if those misdeeds extend into the great streaming beyond, here's how to cover your tracks on You Tube, Hulu, Amazon, and more. Flix Roulette is this miracle device, and much more: You can filter by director, actor, or even keywords (like "sexy thrillers featuring a strong bisexual lead") to help hone your searches. Netflix's bland categories like "Action" or "Romance" just don't cut it, which is why we've taken it upon ourselves to sort our own damn categories: We've got the best thrillers, best documentaries, best horror movies, and so many more.

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While there is an ability to “report” explicit use, many of these apps do not expressly state what is or is not allowed.

Detective Tweedie of the Greenfield Police department in Greenfield, Wisconsin recommends parents monitor these apps closely - some of the apps referenced by law enforcement were mentioned in previous months of our Apps to Watch For: One of the largest chat communities, this app allows users to meet people nearby in chat rooms.

But are you squeezing everything you can out of the streaming service?

There's a wealth of resources out there dedicated to making Netflix even better.

Here are 16 tips, tricks, and hacks that will improve your binge experience dramatically. If you want to instantly improve your bingeing, your first step is to download the Netflix Enhancement Suite, a browser-based smorgasbord of vital add-ons in one succinct (and free! From pop-up ratings via Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes (so you can separate the cream from the crap) to IMDb profiles, plus trailers for basically every title, once you enhance, you'll wonder how you ever Netflixed without it.

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