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I've had good times and bad and it's just nice to know that you can always come to these chat rooms and let your hair down. There are loads of diff exiting rooms to choose from...I always have a laugh in there thats a reason why you could say i'm addicted to it Dan is fun too when he come's in he makes me laugh my socks off.I think Teenchat is a great place to meet people and have some conversations about a range of topics.Keep up the work, Dan.=)Its Really Amazing How You Can Meet New People && Chat && Get To Know Each Other Better,, You Often Find A lot Of Things In Common,, You Can Also Help Each Other Out With Problems, This Is An Amazing Site xxx Dude Teen chat is the best free chat!I've been using Teen chat now for like 5 years and have made so many good many good friends from all over the world, and they've been real nice people, and if it wasn't 4 teen chat i would never of meet them I LOVE Teen chat! I met my best friend off of here and she's AWESOME! Made a lot of great friends in TPC, even met a few of them offline. You can sometimes find me under "I Don't Dance" I've been here for a little too long, but I've enjoyed my time none the less.

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