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From: John Teen Ø My high school career has been a sudden and drastic spell of turbulence and change that has influenced every aspect of life.

Once I was an automaton, obeying external, societal, and parental expectations like a dog, oblivious of who I was or what I wanted.

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John's favorite short story is "The Metamorphosis." Sure, Kafka's fable of waking up to discover you've morphed into something that makes everyone tweak speaks to every teenager.

I was the token child every parent wants - student body president, color guard, recipient of the general excellence award, and outstanding music student of the year.

Starting with the early popularization of the Internet, and as recently as the mid-1990's, gender has been claimed to be invisible in text-based computer-mediated communication (CMC)-the absence of physical cues as to a message sender's identity was thought to remove all trace of information as to gender, race, social class, etc.

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Future updates include – Expanding profile features, such as gallery – More room filters – Location / geo-based filtering – Ability to send gifts – Chat Roulette style anonymous chatting These chat rooms are maintained by Cupids, and are in no way affiliated with Ok Cupid or dating services.

from the message, making the medium inherently democratic and egalitarian.

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