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The two are known as Jaye (Jake and Faye) or Fake (Faye and Jake).Before Cassie Blake came to town Faye and Jake were involved in a "Friends With Benefits" relationship.However, since Faye rekindled her relationship with Nicholas, Faye has been spending less time with her daughter, and she is reportedly considering dropping the fight for custodial rights.After their divorce, Yapeng rented an apartment for Faye within close proximity so their daughter can see both parents easily.

Luckily it means that if your size isn't available at Topshop (right) there are plenty of other available alternatives.

Faye was employed at the robot fighting club in the old skate park, utilizing her welding skills.

She also worked previously at Coffee of Doom with her boss Dora and co-workers Raven, Cosette, Hannelore, and Penelope, and formerly Sara.

On the other hand, Yapeng has been praised by netizens lately for being a wonderful father figure.

You may recognise Faye Brookes as the new character in Coronation Street - Kate Connor - but she also just happens to be Gareth Gates' girlfriend of three years!

Completely smitten by each other, Nicholas and Faye decided to head off to Tibet for a mini vacation.

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