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I'm Ex forces served with 187 royal Canadian para 3rd compan... I like intense, descriptive cyber/role play with women who enjoy being used for a man's pleasure. :) Well, I've decided that I'm going to embrace my inner fat slut and stop thinking so much. Besides that, I like to get to know other people, what they like, and enjoy... I was here before the big crash and again, briefly, afterwards. S.: To all those people who are randomly adding me as...

I love to use skype for voice chat once we've gotten to know each other, but that's not a requirement. There's a time and a place and sometimes that's just exactly what I want to be. I love phone sex (despite the fact that i had to remove it from my "Looking For" to try to cut down on the douchebags who apparently message anyone who claim to be looking for phone sex and never even pretend to read my profile). What i'm into: Young tight pussy, mature women, taboo and kinky, exchanging pixx & vids, exchanging past sexual experience's, unhappy wive's. I don't see a lot of familiar faces on returning but maybe that's a good thing. Just looking to meet some fun women, talk, see where it goes.

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I'm married and I'm really bad at writing these things. He's my husband Hi there, and welcome to my Profile . I'm 31 years ols Im 6'2" 325lbs From Toronto Canada.

Recently moved to Woodbridge I'm a dual citz for Canada and United states. I try to be very respectful with people I meet here, so if you're looking to be sub or be degraded, then it's probably not with me that you're going to be pleased...

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Full Detailed Review » Cams Creative Review At over 200 live cam reviews, coming across something different and unique isn’t always easy. My name Is Leonardo (Well that's a bit obvious).I'm Italian, 6"10, dirty-blonde hair and green eyes.If you want to make sure that many users keep coming back to the chat room, avoid flooding the chat board.If you are constantly filling up the adult chat room with tons of paragraphs, most people will ignore you and eventually they will leave.With every one of our ’rundown reviews’, we go into specific details on what each cam service provides and why you might want to choose it. You could even be interested in exotic chicks from Romania, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Africa, and the likes.

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