Exchange 2016 public folder calendar not updating


How can I add a public folder calendar to the list of Other Calendars in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 so that I can see it side-by-side with my personal mailbox Calendar folder?

The ability to display multiple calendars side-by-side is one of the most useful new features in Outlook 2003.

To fix this issue, you also need to add a registry key. If you change the protocol between the MAPI over HTTP and RPC, the primary mailbox isn't displayed.

A number of MAPI over HTTP issues are resolved, including problems with Outlook crashing, email attachments are corrupted during the download, public folders won't open and display the following error message: e Cannot display the folder.

Click to Run users should be at version 16.0.6568.2036.

In addition to updating support for Add-ins (from the Office Store) to API version 1.3, this update fixes the following issues: When you add a user as a contact in online mode by using the MAPI over HTTP transport protocol, the new contact isn’t created and no error message is displayed.

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If you are using Outlook 2003 or 2007 you may be in "Cached Mode", and you are looking at a copy called the "Offline address book" This only gets updated Every 24 hours, and the copy on the server only gets updated every 24 hours at (by default).

When you click Calendar in the navigation pane, you'll see a list of My Calendars (those in your mailbox) and Other Calendars (from Windows Share Point Services—WSS—sites or other Exchange users' mailbox Calendar folders that you've viewed).

The trick to adding a public folder calendar to the Other Calendars list is to switch to the folder list and drag the calendar folder to your Public Folder\Favorites area.

This fix requires either Exchange Server 2013 CU12 (KB3108023) or Exchange Server 2016 CU1 (KB3134844) installed on the Exchange backend as well.

When you connect to an Exchange server, you receive a prompt that lets you connect to the server if the security certificate is mismatched. (The new Office groups, not contact groups)Users with online archives may experience connectivity issues, including the Inbox folder doesn't sync, your mailbox is renamed as Archive or an archive mailbox is renamed as your mailbox, and you may see a duplicate view of your mailbox instead of the archive mailbox.

I purchased a new computer running windows 10 and a new office 2016.

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