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Occasionally, we have made these changes with the best interests of humans in mind, and our horses have come out second-best.

If wisdom is the anticipation of consequence, then we must pray for wisdom as the new millennium unfolds before us.

NBC is the covering cable network, though some individual events across the Games will also be aired on affiliate networks.

The Opening Ceremonies take place this Friday evening, August 5, with the Closing Ceremonies to take place on the evening of August 21.

The long list of horses and riders for the Young Rider squad who will represent Great Britain at the 2017 FEI Young Rider European Championships in Millstreet, Ireland, (19th – 23rd July 2017) have been announced.

France created the first event called "Raid Militaive", the beginning of Eventing.

Three innovations in the 17th and 18th century led to the popularity of fencing as a sport: the “foil” – a weapon with a flattened tip; a set of rules governing the target area; and the wire-mesh mask.

Together, these developments ensured the safety of fencing’s participants.

It has served as a constant source of learning about our beloved horses, a guide, a goal, a stimulant, and—occasionally—a scourge.

The research for this speech has caused me to look back over the history of our sport, and I thought I would share some of the results with you today.

Fencing was included for the first time at the 1896 Games in Athens, and has remained on the Olympic programme since then.

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