Eunjung and jang woo dating dating strapon girls

Please, directors and producers out there, PLEASE let them reunited! Bridal Mask fans would also love to see them together again!

bravo the co stars of JSY in Bridal Mask Joo Won and Han Chae Ah had receiving awards for 2015 :) hope JSY will also receiving awards for 2016 in her new projects I trust JSY for her success and 2016 is JSY great year :) I'm very much happy to see Jin se yeon again in a new work ,it will be airing in may ,4 months untill i see u,but its worth the wait for good writing, first I was very angry that you turned down SWWTN ,but then I was happy because they wrote the leading lady character so badly ,and unfortunately the leading lady got hate for it but I'm happy it wasn't you getting the hate .

for winning Excellent Actress your the best leader and your supporters sure happy. seyeon is pretty princess ok-nyeo, in her next drama hope they give her an amazing role, I have soft spot for her I think she is good in person and good example for the women, that kind of girl is become successful in her kind attitude so seyeonssi lovely fighting! I have been waiting for their reunion ever since Bridal Mask.

Wishing you this 2017 a healthy body and successful plan for your choosing project. Hopefully they can act together again before Joo Won enlist for his military service. Even Se-yeon said she wants to be reunited with Joo Won!

shin se kyung liked her only in deep roots and six flying dragons modern dramas the worst and non- gun is okay I'm really proud to Jin Se Yeon coz in every drama that she took some of her drama are in the middle of ratings not higher not lower but didn't bad in rating percent except for Gaksital the most higher rating on her drama and even now learn to don't believe in any sarcasm or spite opinions yeon's proved she is capable in her worked and deserving in next line up good drama. want to congrats yeon to her upcoming web drama 2015, movie for 2016 yeon deserve great opportunities in the coming years.

Later, she would also be seen in FT Island's music videos "Thunder" ("천둥"), "Only One Person" ("한사람만"), and "A Man's First Love Follow Him To The Grave" ("남자의 첫사랑은 무덤까지 간다").Upon watching several famous performers in the past, she wanted to become an actress.Now that I have, she is very pleased I have acting as a priority. oh ya i heard that you will take a role in move the boss begins with lee jangwoo. i wish you will be with him in real relationship... Later that year, Eun-jung enrolled in Dongguk University, where she took performance courses.

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