Endometrial dating pathology

During pregnancy, the glands and blood vessels in the endometrium further increase in size and number.Vascular spaces fuse and become interconnected, forming the placenta, which supplies oxygen and nutrition to the embryo and fetus.All cease underwent endometrial biopsy premenstrual. Haematoxylin and eosin staining was done for dating of endometrium and diagnosis of corpus luteal defect and anovalutory cycles. Approximately one marriage is ten is barren, Sophia [1].

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Hormone replacement therapy with estrogen alone may result in continuous endometrial proliferation, hyperplasia, and neoplasia.

The endometrial tissue is a sensitive target for steroid sex hormones and is able to modify its structural characteristics with promptness and versatility.

This article discusses briefly endogenous hormonal effects (cyclic changes, luteal phase defect, unopposed estrogen effect) and describes the histologic patterns encountered in the most commonly used hormone therapies: oral contraceptives, ovulation stimulation, hormone replacement therapy, and antitumoral hormone therapy.

A diagnosis of carcinoma is straightforward, but a clear and precise diagnosis of the various benign, yet abnormal pattens of endometrial development and bleeding can be a challenge.

In addition, a clear understanding of the terminology that the pathologist uses to communicate diagnostic infor-mation to the clinician is critically important.

Oral contraceptives exert a predominant progestational effect on the endometrium, inducing an arrest of glandular proliferation, pseudosecretion, and stromal edema followed by decidualized stroma with granulocytes and thin sinusoidal blood vessels.

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