Eddie izzard dating victoria hamilton


"They're his favourites," a friend said yesterday.) The overall effect is disconcerting.

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Nor could the carefully applied makeup or spiky-heeled Yves St Laurent shoes.

Izzard's website won the Yahoo People's Choice Award After his split with Ballard, Izzard spent a great deal of the early 1980s working as a street performer in Europe and the United States.

He then moved his act into the stand-up comedy venues of Britain.

It was here that he decided he wanted to become an actor, and auditioned for roles in several school plays before he played the jailer in Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors when he was fifteen.

Eddie left Eastbourne for Sheffield University in 1980 to study as an accountant.

; born 7 February 1962) is an English stand-up comedian, actor, writer and political activist.

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