Eclipse updating indexes heap space


(This error happens because the MAT plug-in requires a JDK 1.5 via its file and the OSGi runtime dutifully does not activate the plug-in.) Memory Analyzer version 1.1 will give a better error message pop-up.As a rough guide, Memory Analyzer itself needs 32 to 64 bytes for each object in the analyzed heap, so -Xmx2g might allow a heap dump containing 30 to 60 million objects to be analyzed.But what if - like Motif on AIX - native SWT libraries are only available as 32bit version?One can still run the command line parsing on 64bit by executing the following command: /usr/java5_64/jre/bin/java -jar plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1*-console Log -application org.api.parse path/to/zip org.api:suspects org.api:overview org.api:top_components #! # Adjust the path to java, version 5 or later, and the heap size as required.I am not running the report in some custom server environment.This happened when I click the Preview Results on the dataset edit window.Despite you increased Java machine memory pool size up to 2Gb there is also one another memory related moment.

XMLEntity oke Listeners(XMLEntity at org.apache.xerces. XMLEntity k Char(XMLEntity at org.apache.xerces. XMLDocument Fragment S canner Impl$Fragment Content Fragment Sca nner at org.apache.xerces.

Environment: latest Eclipse ALL in one 32 or 64 bit, or Birt RCP dedicated Designer (version 4.3.1) The query used in the dataset: SELECT extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/NAME') "NAME", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/CONTACT') "CONTACT", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/PHONE') "PHONE", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/ADDRESS1') "ADDRESS1", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/ADDRESS2') "ADDRESS2", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/ACCOUNT') "ACCOUNT", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/ADMIT_DATE') "ADMIT_DATE", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/GRADUATE_DATE') "GRADUATE_DATE", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/DOC_NUMBER') "DOC_NUMBER", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/TUITION_DUE_DATE') "TUITION_DUE_DATE", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/AMOUNT_DUE') "AMOUNT_DUE", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/STUDENT_ID') "STUDENT_ID", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/MESSAGE') "MESSAGE", extract Value(xml_student_data,'/STUDENTRECORD/UPDATE_DATE') "UPDATE_DATE" FROM student_data WHERE student_id = ?

If I removed half the sql statement out of the select clause, the "Preview Results" worked fine.

And note that in 3.3.1 the launcher argument was being ignored and that was fixed in

Lars Vogel wrote: Lars, If your settings were taking effect, you'd get up to 640.  Look in the <workspace>/.metadata/for track traces.  Is it regular memory or permgen that's running out?

My looks like this so I'm not sure your max perm size is quite right.  Hello, I'm receiving frequently I did increase the settings in to the following values: -Xms356m -Xmx640m -Xmn128m -XX: Use Parallel GC -XX: Max Perm Size=256 If I monitor Eclipse in the Windows task manager I see that Eclipse is around 230 MB before crashing; to my knowledge my settings should be sufficient.

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