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This was the music from my days at Northeast High School in Philadelphia (Class of '68) and the songs brought back memories of dates, proms, circle pins, ladybug pins in our Weejuns, and broken hearts.

Waiting at the Philadelphia airport for my flight to Florida, I saw Chubby Checker sitting quietly in the waiting area.

I put on my bathing suit and, with my fresh spray tan, went out to the pool. Wine-tasting with Blavat and Lou Christie was another treat. The Holland America cruise ship, which sailed from Fort Lauderdale, stopped in Aruba and Curacao.

Dancing with "Screaming Scott Simon" from Sha Na Na was fabulous and fun. As we were waiting to board the plane home, I looked around and Bobby, Frankie, and Chubby were on my flight chatting, as they have been friends for 60 years.

You don't want a host of randos all over your Instagram. You're clearly spending enough time over there that you need to have some extra clothes for emergencies.

You don't want to be fielding questions RE: who was in the background of your Snapchat. There's no more waiting hours (or days) to answer texts, no being coy with plans or being afraid to sleep over. You've moved past that stage and now you just act like reasonable human beings toward each other without overthinking and dissecting every interaction. It not only says that your relationship is serious enough to do that, it also says, "I believe in this relationship enough to gamble at least three articles of clothing on it, because if we do break up, I may never see them again."9.

Blueberry is a well-represented ingredient here at Local Flavor.

Technology might have made life easier, but it has made love harder to find.The kicker is that over 95% of the guys that replied to both of these ads had beautiful, flowery, romantic sounding ads looking for “the one”, “my soulmate and best friend”, “just one woman to love” and even marriage.I even went a step further in testing my theory – I picked out a few of the guys that replied to the first ad and went to their online profiles.Alfred “Mocker” Theobald — learned the family trade in 1910.Following Jacob’s death in 1937 and a catastrophic flood in 1942, the barber shop moved to higher ground a block away at Sixth and Main streets. in 1945, where the next Theobalds, William “Bill” and his younger brother, James “Jim,” took up the trade. Frigoletto’s skills, not to mention her determination to make her family proud, persevered, and the tide turned in her favor. “It’s big shoes to fill, but I do everything I can to fill them.My heart began to pound, because I had always wanted to do the Twist with C. - and told my husband I was going to on this cruise. I didn't know a soul on the cruise, or so I thought. I had dinner with Bobby Rydell and his wife, and he can still sing very well. During the cruise, the stars mingled with passengers.

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