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He candidly broaches the subject in the following interview, and also talks about working with Beck for his Record Club project, "shooting alcoholic beverages up your asshole," and why he feels like an old woman nowadays: Pitchfork: How are you? For example, I was recording a song for this last record and while I was playing a fly landed on my nose. Pitchfork: So you're trying to get further into this idea of controlled spontaneity. There's a quote from John Cage: "The function of art is not to communicate one's personal ideas or feelings, but rather to imitate nature in her manner of operations." That's a really heavy statement, especially for somebody like me who's essentially communicating my personal ideas and feelings. " That's an important thing, like, "How can I help you?

Devendra Banhart: I'm crapulous-- which doesn't mean crappy. Maybe I'll do water shots off some Japanese bitches. DB: Actually, I go to bed and wake up really early now. I mean, what's more punk than going to bed at after a tall glass of distilled water? That changed the the cadence, the vibration, the emotiveness-- the entire song. " I hope this doesn't sound super-pretentious-- and I'm not thinking I'm helping anybody whatsoever with my music-- but I don't want it to be this "me, me, me" thing.

One of them is this new one I discovered, an extinct dialect from these Native Americans called the Pit River Indians. It’s musically trying to represent what that experience would be like. I guess I don’t want everyone to know what I’m doing every second.

And can we put Deerhoof’s "Spirit Ditties of No Tone" on the list, too?

Still, we do have to wonder if Dev Ban ever gets jealous about her love for Zach. Minutes before that last shot the Doggie was asked about Natalie’s portrayal of Princess Amidala. Actually, to be fair, at least one Gummer (hi, Brandon) thinks Scar Jo’s performance is compellingly odd enough/Sitek’s production so naval-gazing, that it works …

Mariah Carey’s on-again 0ff-again boytoy Bryan Tanaka is OVER THE MOON at the prospect of spending more time with his famous sweetheart.

“That’s the most embarrassing term in the world,” says Banhart, by phone from his L. Photo by Lauren Dukoff Devendra Banhart is nutty, sure. Talking to him is like talking to a self-critical, hippie-leaning screwball comedian-- tangents, lewd jokes, and an overall sense of randomness are guaranteed. Pitchfork: You recently covered Leonard Cohen's first album with Beck for his Record Club project. He starts to sing and everyone is quiet and, like, "Holy shit." And the MGMT dudes are musical polyglots, I had no idea.Then, every once in a while, he'll drop the silly voices and bust out a trenchant John Cage quote about the nature of art and you remember there's more to this guy than summer-of-love revivalism and cross-dressing. I just watched your hip-hop version of "Master Song", and it seems like you guys were having a fun time. First off, Beck is like the best musician in the world. I was like the black sheep because I don't know how to sing, play guitar, anything. Pitchfork: Does contributing to a project like that make you want to be more spontaneous with your own work?Records, home of the Flaming Lips, the White Stripes, and Ashley Tisdale. That's why I've never recorded in a super controlled environment like a professional recording studio.So how does this fiercely independent spirit explain the major label move? See, there are four stages to matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. I'm sorry, we're really veering off the subject-- another attribute of old age! But I'm contradicting myself by saying "I'm not a hippie" and then saying hippie shit like, "I'm not even me." What's going on? I don't think it's respectful to exclude the rest of the world. I ask myself, "Is there some form of service in this song? Today, we stumbled upon a series of photos that are entertaining enough that we can’t fight it any longer.

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