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Although self-professed “hopeless romantic” Taylor tried to make it work with Conor, soon “reality set in.” She is promoting her new album nonstop for the next year, and Kennedy is in high school. ” “He’s genuinely the nicest guy” “They are very cuddly” “She’s trying not to be clingy now that they’re together” “He guided her with his hand on the small of her back” “they are boys and like to roughhouse” “The single actress, 40, ferociously flirted” “They hook up whenever she’s in New York” “I don’t think they’ll get together for real” “Beyoncé shopping at a Target” “A longneck bottle of beer” “their sweet, sweet harmonies” “redneck carousing in the Georgia swamps” “a guitar covering his love thing” “I love my ass! Katy Perry & John Mayer: Speaking of Perry and Mayer, Perry “has started seeing him as father material” despite his rep as a “notorious lothario.” Katy, 28, is “daydreaming of a life with John, 35.” Better not tell John.“There aren’t many guys game for a serious relationship with a girl who’s out of town the majority of the year.” Swift should date a pro athlete next! She should date a civilian who could go on tour with her. ” “nobody is too young to write a memoir” “a cocky pilot who snorts cocaine” “casual spending and icky sex talk” “Heartbreak can be invigorating.” Hollywood Stars Don’t Respect ‘The Girl Code’: “Female friends around the globe know you never hook up with a BFF’s ex — but not these celebs, who shared the same guy! “Katy has the romantic notion that she and John could raise a pack of kids on his ranch in Montana.A year later, Bob is still dealing with his loss when he meets Grace Briggs (Minnie Driver), a shy woman who In this romantic comedy, a man loses the love of his life, only to find her heart beating in the body of someone new.A year later, Bob is still dealing with his loss when he meets Grace Briggs (Minnie Driver), a shy woman who waits tables in an Irish/Italian restaurant run by her grandfather Marty (Carroll O'Connor).All together now: But when Elizabeth dies in a car accident, Bob is bereft.Here's where the movie could have slid into a sappy bog.Actress Bonnie Hunt, whose resume includes work in such films such as Jerry Maguire and The Green Mile as well as two critically acclaimed but short-lived TV series, makes her directorial debut with this romantic comedy about the joys of family and the heartaches of organ donations.

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Look, I get as cranky as the next guy when it comes to those four-hankie jobs that want you to laugh through your tears.But once in a while a date-night flick comes along that wears down your defenses. This despite a plot that concerns a man who falls in love with a woman whose transplanted heart belonged to - get this - his dead wife. A top cast, guided by actress Bonnie Hunt in her directing debut, mixes comedy and corn with surprising savvy.David Duchovny, dropping his dour persona, is remarkably light on his feet as Bob Rueland, an architectural engineer.Instead, Hunt - who co-wrote the script with Don Lake - goes easy.Bob doesn't indulge in any Oscar-begging breakdowns.All the while he has no idea she was the recipient of his dead wife's heart.

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