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According to an article published in Psychology Today by Catalina Toma, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin, it’s mostly because of three factors: the reliability of the compatibility algorithm, a greater pool of partners and the differences of those who go online compared to those who don’t.

Toma said those who go online to date are generally older, 30 , and have more self-insight, they are highly educated and generally wealthier compared to the rest of the dating pool.

The winner will receive a ,000 scholarship to go towards his or her education.

Why do people go for online dating over a more organic approach?

Not only did they find a mate online, but they report higher satisfaction with said partner and are statistically less likely to end their marriage in divorce.

Online dating is more than a trend — it’s the norm; a very successful one at that.

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Two months after Aaron’s death, she had a book deal. That’s the kind of book I wanted to write,” says Mc Inerny Purmort, a towering blonde with a deep voice and a smile that seems to take up half her face.

The obituary that she and Aaron Purmort wrote together before his November 2014 death was as delightful as it was devastating, and its quirky irreverence resonated in news outlets worldwide.

In her new memoir, “It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too),” Mc Inerny Purmort channels the pain of grief into a series of breezy essays that tickle and touch the heart, as they recount an unimaginably dark time in her life.

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