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Funding for these centres is provided by Canada Business Ontario, a partnership between the governments of Canada and Ontario. The NBIF invests loan and equity capital in existing, emerging, innovative and start up enterprises in Niagara, Canada.

There are currently two enterprise centres in Niagara, one in St. The Fund is available to qualifying applicants in virtually every sector of the economy.

Every one of the ladies is responsible for themselves or as independents.

Branding — A tattoo or carving on a victim that indicates ownership by a trafficker/pimp/gang.

Here are some tips to help you finish off the holiday season and ring in the new year mindfully: 1. Instead relax whatever you can and then relax around whatever you can't.

Get Back to the Regularly Scheduled Program If you have fallen off the yoga wagon, get to a class. It can be easy to say, "Well this month is already screwed, may as well continue on in this way." Instead redirect and your body and your mind will thank you. Make Time for Doing Nothing It's important for humans to have downtime, free of i Pads, social interaction, and television. Prepare for Your Challenging Person If you know that seeing a certain family member is going to require you to be a ninja of mindfulness, prepare ahead of time. Try starting and ending your day with scan through the body to let go of any unneeded tension.

Even when there's lots of love and very little drama or trauma triggers, spending a chunk of time with your kin or your significant other's kin can be challenging. Be mindful of how the perceived stress of the holiday season can take the form of tight muscles and shallow breath.

It's easy to go unconscious and devour a whole box of chocolates say something mean to your sister, or fall into old dynamics with your dad that leave you feeling angry and drained. Every moment is an opportunity to relax and stop chewing on your fingernails.

This money may be used to support his concession/phone account or to pay his bond if he’s in jail.

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