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Alex Hankel, who ran NA meetings in New Orleans, ended up pregnant while in rehab at age 18 by a man 15 years her senior.“It never caused a relapse, but it did make me question the joy of sober life, and also consider suicide,” said Blackwood to The Guardian.Being sober (and experiencing the feelings that come with it) for the first time in years can make it natural to attach to someone who shows them affection and helps quell these uncomfortable emotions.A person making sexual advances on someone new to recovery is often referred to as “the 13th Step.” Although many of the people who do this have good intentions, others may be subconsciously taking advantage of someone they see as vulnerable.The first is that AA as an is not responsible for screening out and separating members.The second is that the legal system has been using AA as a shortcut or substitute for effective treatment.Sober & Single is the Internet's only true website dedicated 100% to helping alcohol and drug-free singles to find their true special someone!We cater solely to that constantly growing niche group of singles who would like to look for a sober companion!

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I very much appreciate Mark Willenbring’s recent post, “Is AA Responsible for Screening Out Dangerous Members?

Of Course Not.” I agree with what I take to be his two major conclusions.

Living in a culture where men are accorded enormous authority about virtually everything, is it any surprise that many women who are early in their sobriety or struggling with relapse would look to men as experts or guides?

And it is not so surprising that some men find this irresistible and take it to various degrees. Thirteenth stepping is primarily done by men to women.

The place where, as the joke goes, they won’t even let Swiss born Roger Federer join the tennis club. Sharing is not conversation One of the first things newcomers have to learn is that ‘cross-talk’ – meaning dialogue, talking ‘to’ others in the group, during a meeting – is a no-no. The others listen, carefully reflecting on your spilt entrails, like Roman soothsayers. Dialogue leads to argument and argument, before you know it, leads to quarrels. For newcomers they’re coloured leather (or its imitation). It’s flown away, I like to think, to help others embarking on a life without what they thought they couldn’t live without. AA is not, oddly, all that focused on alcohol Only the first of the 12 steps (the admission that you can’t control the stuff, or yourself when you’re drinking) touches on it. I’ve been to meetings at universities where the IQ is stratospheric.

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