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Each story comes with three reflection topics and questions, room for journaling and response, scripture that correlates to each topic and inspirational quotes.

These resources can be used to support callers to our 1-800-488-HOPE Care Center.

Myles Munroe Sr.& Pastor Ruth Munroe (Founder, President and First Senior Pastors of BFMI) The Late Dr.

Keep it tucked away on a shelf and pull it down on the days when you’re unsure of what to do or how to respond to a situation.

This book and these stories can be a faithful friend on days when it seems like no one understands.

This book was created for you— for the girl who is lonely, for the girl who is struggling in her relationship, for the girl who is having doubts, for the girl who can’t wait for the next stage of life, for the girl who's had her heart broken— for all girls.

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