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It is a double-cutaway guitar, with an extended top "horn" shape for balance.

Along with the Gibson Les Paul, it is one of the most often emulated electric guitar shapes.

Possibly the best known instruments in the Japanese Fender range were the ’57 and ’62 Stratocaster reissues.

They were the culmination of Fender’s response to super-accurate Far Eastern copies of old American Fenders.

I bought my first one – a ’62 bound-edge Custom Telecaster reissue – in 1985, and at one point in the early 1990s I literally could not get enough of them.

I didn’t drink, smoke or drive (still don’t), and I’d save every spare penny I earned.

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Nothing particularly special about London per se – the shops down there just discounted much more heavily than the ones where I lived.But both manufacturers, at the time mere cogs in large corporate wheels, all but ignored them.Since being purchased by CBS in 1965, Fender had radically modified the Stratocaster and Telecaster models on which its existence was essentially based.Serial numbers have been used in various locations on Fender instruments through the years.They have been placed at the top of the neck plate, on the front of the headstock, on the back of the headstock, and on the back of the neck near where the neck bolts onto the body."Stratocaster" and "Strat" are trademark terms belonging to Fender.

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