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Also just like the original, this reissue sports a small but solid steel chassis, to which all the valve bases are directly bolted for strength, reliability and easy changeovers.

Inside the chassis, the electronics are all PCB mounted on single-sided boards which are not through-plated - there are two small boards for the input jacks and rotary controls and one large one for everything else, with connections to the valve bases made by short flying leads.

The first of these amps were the K&F models, which were produced between 19.Summary The Princeton Amp is often misinterpreted as a Princeton Reverb without reverb.Just by looking at the front panel and the knob functions it might seem so.So, why would you want to enhance or mod a Princeton?Due to its small size many players want to increase the power, volume and clean headroom.It combines the classic good looks of the pre-CBS 'blackface' with the mis-named Vibrato effect and that great spring reverb.

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