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In Muslim Sanzijing, Shifts and Continuities in the Definition of Islam in China (1710-2010) Roberta Tontini traces the development of Islam and Islamic law in the country, while responding to two enduring questions in China’s intellectual history: How was the Muslim sharia reconciled with Confucianism?How was knowledge of Islamic social and ritual norms popularized to large segments of Chinese Muslim society even in periods of limited literacy?The Chinese people have shared a common culture longer than any other group on Earth.The Chinese writing system, for example, dates back almost 4,000 years.

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“These people have the freedom of religion under the Chinese Constitution.” There is little independent reporting from Xinjiang, but China routinely denies allegations of religious persecution against its Uighur population.As this week’s video demonstrate, Beijing’s fear that Uyghur foreign fighters would be the primary vector to turn the Islamic States’ sights on China is slowly coming true.Transnational terror groups, including al-Qaeda, have largely ignored China in the past, but the Islamic State’s integration of Uyghurs presents a unique challenge.The global protests even forced the Chinese Foreign Ministry to address the allegations in press conference with reporters on July 6.“Uighur is one of the 56 ethnic minorities in China.The imperial dynastic system of government, which continued for centuries, was established as early as 221 BC.

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