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Many of the pictures now at Knole were collected by Lionel Cranfield, 1st Earl of Middlesex, Lord Treasurer to James I and owner of Copt Hall in Essex from about 1623.His daughter, Frances Cranfield, married the future 5th Earl of Dorset in 1637 and it was through this marriage that Copt Hall came into the possession of the Earls of Dorset following the death of the 3rd Earl of Middlesex in 1674.Second: Due in part to this size issue and also because of historically appropriate framing (the attempt to marry artworks with frames of the same period) a fine frame may languish in inventory for many years simply because the right confluence of factors hasn’t occurred to allow the frame to be selected.(Indeed, some of our most spectacular frames have been in our inventory since I started the gallery.) Third: There are nearly always restoration costs in order to put the frame in suitable condition.First you must know that for every antique frame there is likely a reproduction out there.Next, you must understand how to spot the difference.Today, nearly 25 years later, there is a growing body of scholarship available: books, videos, exhibition catalogs and essays.

• Antique The first frame, above, is an antique made by Newcomb Macklin in the early 20 century frame makers.Although reading this post won’t make you an immediate frame expert, it will give you some easy to remember tips on what to look out for and how to begin to differentiate high quality from low.There are three major categories of picture frames that have an antique look.Over the next few years major work will take place at Knole meaning that not all the pictures will necessarily be accessible as described in this guide.Knole is incomparably rich in the finest early seventeenth-century English furniture.Everyone wants to be remembered so by starting a tradition of collecting antique frames now you'll be sure to pass that tradition on to your kids, so you too will be remembered for generations to come.

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