Dating a goody two shoes

We typically judge people as “good” or “virtuous” if their lives revolve around serving others or doing good deeds—if they’re generous, giving, and self-sacrificing.

But what if, when these individuals were young, such self-denying behavior evolved first and foremost to gain the approval of their parents?

Maybe it was a conscious choice or maybe you didn’t really care about drinking until you were legal, but the idea of underage drinking still managed to freak you out enough to avoid doing so. There are definitely nicer ways to express frustration than with the "f" word, just saying.

You’re that friend who gets asked to take strangers’ pictures or is stopped for directions—and of course, you always oblige.

Over the past six months, she has annoyed the US and delighted the British public by refusing to extradite Gary Mc Kinnon.

Even better, she got shot of the one-handed hate preacher Abu Hamza.

Emma looked stylish in a belted grey coat and black lace-up boots Watson is becoming a familiar face on the fashion circuit and looked stylish in a classy grey belted coat and vertiginous black lace-up boots.

She has signed up to the Storm agency which also represents Kate Moss, Carla Bruni and Lily Cole.

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She is even talked of as a future leader, though the Right has never really forgiven her for telling the Tories that they were “the Nasty Party” as chairman, in 2002.

Can be nice but eventually begins to lecture you about your "sinful" lifestyle and just becomes a pest.

As the goody two-shoes of Hogwarts, her alter ego Hermione Granger would probably frown at the mere thought of associating with such troubled company.

The young actress, said to be heading for university post-Potter, could find herself in demand as a cover girl instead.

Such a convoluted assertion might seem a little peculiar, perhaps like a semantic game, or a verbal sleight-of-hand—but it's not.

Although she holds one of the great offices of state, and is arguably the most powerful woman in Britain, Mrs May feels both known and unknowable. Like Imelda Marcos, she is mainly famous for her shoes, leopard-print kitten heels apparently being considered a substitute for a character in modern politics.

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