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The tune features an easy to learn chorus that is repeated in between many, many verses.

There are a standard set of verses, but each group of students who sing it also make up their own additional verses.

You had already proven to me & to everyone what a sassy little fighter you were but for some reason fixing a heart just seemed so scary...

When I found out the hole in your heart then needed to be repaired & you were in heart failure, I can’t even begin to describe how devastated I was...I’ve tried my very hardest the last 2 months to do anything & everything I could to help get us to today- I just didn’t realize it would be here so fast- I’m proud of you baby girl for putting on some pounds & defeating the odds...You amaze me with how determined you are in life... And listen up Pip, I want you to kick this heart surgery’s bloody arse... You show those docs what a stubborn, determined, strong little mouse you are...You would think that the 2009 Nobel Prize might have done more to raise the profile of research in telomere biology, but the field remains a specialized backwater of medical research, and few biologists (fewer doctors) take it seriously as a panacea for the diseases of old age.If the National Institute of Health has money to put into heart disease and cancer and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, there is no better place to invest than in telomere biology.This 35-year-old federal public defender, erstwhile stand-up comedian and notorious bachelor is saving the world, one lady at a time.

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