“It’s an amazing accomplishment for just a demo to create such an emotional investment in the story and the characters, and that’s exactly what this demo does. The characters, story and gameplay are all wonderful enough to make this game deserving of your time.“ - Kokoro Cafe “This game’s great. I’m loving it and I can’t wait for the next chapter or section to come out.

But you really, really know how to tear out someone’s heart, Indiana Jones style, grind it into the dirt, and then toss it into shark-infested waters. Basically, I’m super excited to see the next installment!

Det har Kanal 5 besluttet at undersøge i et nyt program hver uge, hvor Kanal 5 sender 3 mænd og 3 kvinder på date i total mørke.

Der flirtes, kysses og der er romantik i luften, men hvad sker der, når lyset til sidst tændes og alles udseende afsløres?

So I am curious what the guys think in the room bc I am all for finding your bad pancake before you find that great pancake which lets be honest is usually the 3rd or 4th pancake when you are making pancakes.

Because We're Here ~Mohnblume und Blauerose~ is a visual novel otome game by Studio Elfriede.

It's time you created a black dating profile for yourself and sat back as your dating life took off.So I am currently obsessed with a show called Younger staring Sutton Foster and Hillary Duff on TV Land.If you are single…WATCH it because they drop some serious dating knowledge.” - Tumblr user ‘Madly Hazel’ ” isn’t just an otome game, it is telling multiple stories woven together […] Studio Elfriede has a great and complex game on their hands, I deeply enjoyed it and highly suggest everyone to play it.” - Hayurika “It isn’t trying to be some cute dating game during a war, but rather a game that explores the horror of combat and the humanity of those who have to fight […] Depressing, irreverent, and touching at the same time.” - “This is exactly the kind of visual novel (and romance game!) I’ve been waiting for; played the demo, which was fantastic and completely broke my heart to boot.While investigating the harsh realities of her country’s involvement in an unwinnable war, Elfriede is given the opportunity to grow close to - and even romance - a variety of eligible gentlemen; from childhood friends to aristocrats to corporals to cowards.

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