D3 stuck at updating files


If the download stops before 100% and there is no download activity, ensure that peer-to-peer is enabled (in the downloader's options).): If you try running the Diablo III file and nothing appears to be happening, check to see if the Windows Service for Secondary Logon is enabled.This service being disabled may also cause the system to appear to hang during the "Updating Setup Files" portion when run.tried all 3, still stuck I hate blizzard, ever since they installed their stupid "updating setup files.." on beta and now d3, i can't download anything and it keeps stucking it self at 90%...Seriously, If I can't play because of something so shi*y...If you had previously loaded the files and had to update the data today, you can also check if the files: Installer Tome 1.MPQE have today's date (today = when you ran the downloader).For a brand new game on the market we started off on the wrong foot.

When attempting to re-install from the disk, it keeps getting stuck at "Updating setup files ..." again Anyone has an idea how to fix it?Running the installer, and while stuck in the "Updating files", kill in Task Manager.Some report that it took few kills before it started to work, but as these issues with Mo P/D3 seem to be based on some black magic, nobody knows..How can I get past "Updating setup files..." when reinstalling Diablo 3, and what is error BLZPTS0007?Killing any of the agent processes that spawn (it spawns many) results in the launcher loading with an immediate error stating "There has been a communication error, please restart the launcher", restarting the launcher results in the process repeating againsince it didn't "install" yet - there is no entry in add/remove programs.Apparently the problem is related to the new patching software Agent that seems to be horridly broken to hell.

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