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That alone has riled some in the hard-core chiptune community.

In some cases, though, artists are resorting to outright theft.

(Because JT's discography is so sizeable, though, we're gonna breeze through the lowest 47, and gradually get a little more in depth from there as we get closer to the top.) Join us as we look back through the entirety of Justin Timberlake's Hall-of-Fame-worthy discography, and see where all your favorite 'N Sync and JT solo jams (including the ten cuts off ) Not a ton of songs of interest in our first dozen—all 'N Sync numbers, including a number of Christmas songs and a several Europe-only bonus tracks.

The more intriguing songs here would probably be the group's cover of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," featuring a rare Chris Kirkpatrick lead falsetto vocal, the unsettling "In Love on Christmas" (which attempts to turn "Jingle Bells" into a Jodeci-type sex jam) and the supremely dated "Space Cowboy," which includes the bizarre couplet "Here it comes, millennium / And everybody's talkin' bout Jerusalem." 135.

Sound of Nintendo Gameboy is not 8-bit sound at all.

The Gameboy sound chip offers four channels with 4-bit sound.

Each week on Stolen Records two rappers will put their egos on the line as they compete for the title of Grand Imperial Iron Lyricist.

At stake is a horde of treasures including a Shure Microphone home recording and live performance prize pack worth more than ,200, clothing from Fresh and Zachery’s Pizza.

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I think CC is actually a solution, not part of the problem — and this illustrates that. But ready access to music online has led to a much more serious problem: digital plagiarism.

The best known case, of course, is the infamous 2007 Timbaland Controversy, in which Timbaland apparently stole musical elements from Finnish demoscene artist Tempest in the song Do It by Nelly Furtado.

The Nintendo Gameboy do not have a separate soundchip. Also, there is no soundchip in the Apple II, but there is a 16 channel 8 bit Ensoniq ES5503 DOC wavetable soundchip in the Apple IIGS (GS = Graphics and Sound).

More informations about soundchips on x68000In 1991, few artists (as 4-Mat and Random Voice) composed modules (MOD, IT...) with big chip influences, on digital trackers. These chiptunes are 'sample based' because no real soundchip are used.

(At least he gets to do some super-Auto-Tuned rapping on "Role Model," though his verse won't exactly have you clamoring for an entire Justin mixtape.) Aside from that, there's also the Babyface-penned Fallen Homies ode "If Only Through Heaven's Eyes," and the Bread cover "Everything I Own," one of a handful of soft-rock standards the group would cover in their early days, though not one of the best. "I'll Never Stop" () A lot more guest appearances, including another lame protege (Matt Morris, the manifestation of JT's coffee-house singer/songwriter career fantasies), a valiant-but-ill-fated comeback attempt (Duran Duran's Timbaland-and-Danja-produced , the super-forgettable star vehicle for Sync members Lance Bass and Joey Fatone, which showed why Justin was the only member of the group destined for that particular type of multi-platform mainstream success. "I Never Knew the Meaning of Christmas" ( Even amidst a back catalog as successful and diverse as JT's, "Sexy Back" still stands apart as a signature, singular moment.

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