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combined), and the other while deciding whether to upgrade my friend Lisa’s four-year-old Sony notebook to Windows 7. After careful consideration, I finally decided to go ahead with the upgrade, taking careful notes and snapping lots of screen shots along the way. But this machine, once a triumph of Sony hardware engineering, could easily be deemed ready to retire.The difference between a clean install and restoring to factory settings is the fact that the former does not include any junk third party software.Alternatively, performing a system restore reverts the OS to a previous state, which is not exactly like a clean install, but could help you get your system working properly.The result is a process that can fairly be characterized as tedious.Laplink Software’s PCmover steps into the gap, promising to move programs and data and settings.Lastly, there is a repair install, which basically replaces all of the Windows system files, but keeps your data intact.

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This includes the OS with all the third-party software they like to install with it. Another way to think about it is to perform a clean install of the operating system, so that you are working with a bare bones version of the OS.It isn't a limitation of Windows 10 but of XP: even if you wanted to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP you'd have to wipe your hard disk and start again.Windows 10 Home costs £119.99 from Microsoft and Professional will set you back £219.99. However, if you don't mind waiting for delivery, you can buy Windows 10 Home from Amazon for £78 and the Pro version for £112.Alternatively, users wanting to migrate their files, apps, and settings, can purchase a copy of Windows 7, upgrade their current installation, and then upgrade to Windows 10.However, a clean install of the operating system will not only save you time and money, but also it will help users to start with a nice and fresh installation.Windows 10 is the latest version from Microsoft, and there are new features in the free Creators Update.

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