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They quickly took on a life of their own — until they sadly parted ways in 2009. We've got the scoop on all the members of RBD: MORE: 10 famous celebrities who started in groups!After RBD disbanded, Anahí launched her own solo career.The show ran from 2004–2006, totaling 440 episodes.Following the success of Rebelde, in 2007, Televisa released RBD: La Familia, which starred the members of RBD.Christopher Alexander Luis Casillas von Uckermann was born on October 21, 1986 in Mexico City.His father is Mexican, his mother is Swedish and his maternal grandparents are German."I’m going through a difficult time, I know I’m not the only one, I know that many other young people are going through the same thing.

He played Diego Bustamante, a student in the fictitious "Elite Way School", with dreams of becoming a musician.The 13-episode sci-fi thriller is set in the year 2091 when most people have been converted into game addicts [shades of Pokemon Go! Games are banned as a result but a game-obsessed billionaire gamer takes the top players to an artificial moon where he pits them against each other. The “2091” cast is led by Manolo Cardona (“Narcos”), Angie Cepeda (“Jane the Virgin”) and Christopher von Uckermann (“Kdabra”).Sets include a gleaming space station decked out in the tradition of such classics as “Star Trek.” Despite its high production values, each episode of “2091” is said to cost a fraction of a standard episode in a U. “It’s very different from what’s come out of Latin America so far,” said Cardona.BOGOTA – Fox Telecolombia, the Colombian outpost of Fox International Channels in which it holds a 51% stake, is in post production on one of the first — if not the first — Latin American sci-fi cable TV series in the region.“2091” is set to debut on Fox Latin America in late October.He started his acting career when he was just 2 years old in TV commercials. He then starred in Amigos X Siempre in 2000, alongside Spanish Mexican singer/actress Belinda Peregrín.

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