Christina milian dating the game


Milian who is a Cuban-American Grammy nominated singer, has been in the limelight as of late.Many media outlets are reporting that the starlet is dating rapper Lil’ Wayne.Milian’s mother is her manager and personal advisor, and there is sibling rivalry with her brother and sister who are also aspiring singers.“We simply adore Christina,” said E! “She’s a young, vibrant and a highly accomplished artist who has a hectic life balancing the glitz and glamour of celebrity, and the rough and tumble world of hip-hop, with the more relatable moments of being a mom, newly back on the dating scene, and trying to make things better for her family.”Television crews and cameras were on hand at the game to catch all the drama, tension and excitement between Milian and her family as she sang the national anthem.

READ: Just last month, the couple debuted their new collaboration ‘Do It’ at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival in New York.

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“You never know,” was Milian’s answer, but only after her friend gave her a well-intended “Don’t answer that.” It seems like a coy, sly answer with all kinds of juicy implications, but in the context of the clip, it seemed clear Milian was just trying to cover her bases. Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living.

Speculation regarding Christina Milian and Lil Wayne being an item has been off the charts since Milian broke off her engagement with Jas Prince, around the time she wrote the following statement on her Instagram on June 12: There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. While the message was indeed inspiring, it did much to stir things up, planting the thought that Christina Milian getting back up may be, in fact, moving on to her next relationship.

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