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Honestly, I never knew that she was this good looking and I just like how the way she talks. Fiona Xie Dubbed as one of the 7 princess of Mediacorp in Singapore, this Singaporean lass not only got Singapore guys going gaga over her but also Malaysians. When I saw her picture, her “assets” caught my attention and I thought this might just be another attention seeking chick who like to flashes some skin and could do nothing else. Someone should just bloody slap me in the face and may be should be Leng Yein herself (LOL, as though she’s gonna read this or even know me).

Katherine Birbalsingh had previously tried to open the Michaela Community School (MCS) in Wandsworth, London, in February last year, but now the school is set to launch in Wembley Park, Brent, in September 2014.

A subtle, but powerful change that could be coming for E&P debt ratings in America.

That tweak is being driven by ratings agency Moody’s.

Pretty, confident, humorous personality and active lass. She should seriously consider some acting and Vee Jaying like Chui Ling instead of just being a DJ. AND what I love about her the most is she had HER OWN MAMAK at Plaze Prima Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Being only at a tender age of 24, she already had a high profile career and with this mamak she opens, it just proves that she is very much independant on her own. Belle Leng Sean Yes, she is the younger sister of Leng Yein and also my favourite one among the two sisters in terms of outlook.

And from the captions she wrote on her photo album, this girl not only have beauty and brains but also an attitude. Belle had a little more meat in her and her poses for photos are GODLIKE.

But teaching union representatives are against MCS, citing the potential costs as well as the fact that the area is already well covered for secondary school places.“The key thing we need is more primary places and Brent Council is doing their absolute best to provide those places,” said Jean Roberts, Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) executive member for London and the joint National Union of Teachers (NUT) secretary for Brent.“We have spare places at secondary schools, so it is an unnecessary expense.” Ms Roberts says that a private school-type ethos is “not what Brent needs” and that there are also concerns about the curriculum.“We are also very concerned about how the school will be run along these very strict lines of very traditional subjects, potentially missing subjects such as ICT.”Stating that “all the education unions” are against the move and free schools in general due to the fact that “they are not part of the planned school provision in boroughs”, Ms Roberts said the unions are also concerned by the number of parents attending open evening events for the school who are from outside the borough.“Quite clearly they are going to be attracting people from around London and it is not necessarily sure that the majority of the pupils will be Brent pupils.”MCS has previously stated that children who live within a five-mile radius of the school have an equal chance of gaining a place as their admissions policy includes random allocation.

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