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Teahupoo, Mavericks and Pipeline are three waves that would have to be described as heavy with a capital "H." The same term can be used to describe the locals at a spot. ) The area of whitewater where the waves have broken, between the shore and the line-up.

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No one was injured, but the cannonball did considerable property damage, crashing through the walls of a family's house and landing in a car.

It's one of the world's most famous, high quality right handers.

‘I was out there on my ace when someone on the beach shouted “Shark! You pull an action when you do something dof* or mean. With the use of ‘firing’, ‘going off’ and ‘smoking’ it is a natural progression to ballistic terminology. ’ Also cooking, cranking, going off, off its face, pumping, smoking. The plastic bag issued by banks for coins is a common receptacle for dagga*. ‘Me and my boet* went with the bergies* in the bakkie* to score*a bankie.’ BARK THE DOG To vomit, puke. BERG WIND (burg) Wind from the mountain – usually hot and dry – but can be cold in winter. Another synonym for lekker*, as if that word didn’t have enough uses. Good biltong is manna to your average full-bodied Surfrikan. To their credit, bodyboarders usually rise above these insults. English-speaking people used to refer to the police as boere. Spicy sausage made from many secret recipes, and consumed in quantity around South Africa. ‘I scored*a bomb.’ BOOGER, see bodyboarder, doormat BOTTLENECK A dagga* pipe made from the broken neck of a bottle. Also a term of address for same, or even a total stranger ‘Are you tuning* me china? ‘Yissus* bru*, you pulled a blind* move klapping* Clayton with the Tassies* bottle. ‘Bru*, if you drop in* on me again, you’re going to come short.’ CONNECTION, CONNEKO, KANONI Friend, buddy. The desired result is to pop out behind the wave, where you can smirk at the guy next to you who has been washed 15 metres back.

‘She was axed from the team.’ BABALAS (bub-ba-lus) Hangover from hell. A goofy-foot* surfer rides a left-breaking wave frontside. ‘My china* dialled me into your website.’ DIK (duhk) Thick, beefy, big, full (Afrikaans). Grown in Kwa Zulu-Natal, minty, almost peppery, and makes you on*. Affectionate name for the surf capital of South Africa. This word describes a vacuous, blank, dreamlike state. ’ in sympathy when a shark chows your buddy’s buttocks while surfing in the Kei. ’ ‘We went to a larny party that had caviar for pudding.’ For coloured people in the Cape, it means ‘Friend’. Also heard when someone pulls off a lank* clever move.

Kids love their action figures and playsets as a great way to use the imagination and create entire, mystical worlds in miniature form.

Does a full bladder pose as much of a driving hazard as being legally intoxicated? Can superglue restrain a driver as well as a seat belt does during a collision?

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