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You could spend hours scrolling through the side-splitting photos, videos and news posts.I promise it’s sure to make you forget how hard dating can be sometimes.Some cover motherhood while others explore relationships and popular culture, but all five of these gems are worth a read.Twenties Unscripted The twenties are a difficult decade to navigate.It’s a tempestuous time full of transitions that leave many women confused and unsure of themselves and their paths.

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Here, Clutch highlights five black women-centered blogs that should be bookmarked and read.

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Black women are often under-and-misrepresented in traditional media, but digital platforms have provided space for women of color to counter mainstream media narratives.

Mixing babies seems to be the cutest and adorable kids you can ever have.

Be ready that random stranger will try to encourage you to have a sex and produce a couple of mixed babies just because the worldneeds to be full ofvariety. People will stare at you Secret glances on the street had been okay since many people tend to do like this, however, being stared at, is not okay at all. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, this attention is full of negatives.

Black and Green Mama All mothers aren’t created equal, but all mothers need support and guidance.

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