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Richard Cobb is the arch proponent in this country of what might be called 'atmosphere' history.

Rather it is the Paris of alleyways, of passages and impasses, courtyards and backstreets, in short the Paris of the pedestrian where only the historian on foot can pass.

The photographs were taken on weekdays in October tourist-free working days when Parisians are glad to have reclaimed their city; when, as Professor Cobb says, M. There are card-players in the Jardin des Plants, an abandoned pissotiére and XIVme arrondissement, the artisanal quartier of Belleville, and as many faded shutters with flaking paint as the most ardent francophile could wish for; 'surely one of the last handlaundries in Paris'; the magnificent lovers' Chinese bridge in the rue Bichat, lines of washing hung in courtyards, a brothel turned into a couscous restaurant, 'a com- ment on Algerian post-independence', and Les Bains Lafayette in the Xme arrondissement which are now open for only half the week.

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Now Professor Cobb has written a book, The Streets of Paris, which with photographs taken by Nicholas Breach, justifies his claim to be 'a historian of the streets'.

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