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In this final module we’re looking how we can best control all of our test resources and files. The files for all of these tests are now scattered all over our distributed test automation environment.

Not great for colloaboration, maintaining versions and backups. What we need to do is pull all of our files together into one central repostiory.

Please note that this package is currently in alpha and is offered without any guarantees, so it may or may not work! The package should support proxies just like the flashplugin-installer does, but it may fail if your ISP or router blocks some non-standard ports because Oracle uses quite a few redirects for the Java 7 binary download links.

If the download fails because of blocked ports or because you're behind a firewall, use the manual Oracle Java 7 installation method (link in the beginning of the post).

The Oracle Java 7 installer in this article will continue to work only if you manually download Oracle JDK 7 (version 7u80 for 32bit and 64bit or 7u60 for arm), place it in the /var/cache/oracle-jdk7-installer/ folder on your computer, then install "oracle-java7-installer" as explained below in this article.We’ll explain that contradiction as we go through this.Anyway, we’ll be running up an Amazon Liniux instance and installing the source code management tool, Git.So as an alternative that doesn't have any GTK dependencies and comes with automatic updates too, I've set up an Ubuntu PPA for the latest Oracle Java 7 (JDK).The PPA should work not only with Ubuntu but also Linux Mint and other Ubuntu-based Linux distributions.SAP CTO Bjoern Goerke blogs about today’s announcement at SAPPHIRENOW in Orlando SAP: general availability of the Cloud Foundry-based environment on SAP Cloud Platform.

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