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DETROIT — Twins catcher Kurt Suzuki hasn’t given up on the Axe bat. “I ran out the last day in Texas,” Suzuki said before Tuesday’s 6-2 win over the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park.

“I broke my last one.” That ended a string of 27 games, dating to May 31, in which Suzuki hit .382 with a combined on-base/slugging percentage of 1.004 after committing full-time to the ax-handled bat.

Oh yeah, this is what Dombrowski said about Veras on July 30th: By November 1st, a guy who pitched adequately for the Tigers became expendable even though the pen is still a pressing need. 2) Dombrowski refused to make a qualifying offer to Jhonny Peralta even though there was only a very slight chance that his agent would have accepted the one-year, .1 million deal.

And even if Peralta had accepted, DD would have had an All-Star for an affordable short-term deal.

Across the board now, ROS projections are singing Schebler’s praises and I’m done fighting him.

He’s been on the phone multiple times with his contact at Victus Sports, which produces the unique design. I need my bats.’ ” Suzuki was promised a new shipment either Wednesday in Detroit or Thursday in Boston.

“There’s a guy named Mike that works there,” said Suzuki, who singled twice Tuesday and helped Tommy Milone nurse a one-hitter into the ninth. Something about the lathing process makes the bats take longer to produce. “I can’t wait to get more, that’s for sure.” You might think the Twins would be eager to see more of Suzuki in their lineup beyond this season, but that’s not the case for the pending free agent.

Let me know if you can tell what song I’m listening to while I write this. Schebler took a while to catch on, but he’s still only 26, and, as a 23-year-old in the minors, he hit 28 HRs and stole 10 bases while hitting .280 in Double-A, and continued that in Triple-A, always hitting for power and getting some steals. Look, on the one hand, I’m ashamed that I’m quoting Not Another Teen Movie.

Scott Schebler hit his 13th home run; it was the third straight game with a homer. I’ve mentioned before (numerous times) that Schebler was always loved by Razzball/Steamer projections, but why? On the other, I’m surprised this wasn’t a Keenan Ivory Wayans joint.

That is how I feel about this Tigers offseason, where I am continually being told by the Detroit sports media and other imbecile fans that Dave Dombrowski isn’t cutting payroll, but instead is trying to win with a leaner, faster, more defensively-oriented team. This team’s bullpen is still a mess (here comes Casey Crosby to the rescue!!!!

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