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The focus of Ketchum’s comedy is not jokes, but storytelling.

She is known for her brand of Mississippi-meets-New York humor as she describes cultural differences and how each handles different situations.

for the Peter Lougheed Leadership College at the University of Alberta breakfast event about Making Connections.

It was a delightful opportunity to share my story, and the audience was engaged, motivated and taught me some things in the process.

Just keep staring at your material.'” The two ended up talking about New York delis and other random topics when he asked her to watch the show with him.

She did, and they sat and whispered about different styles of comedy, including her own unique style.

If you’re a full member who does (or is planning to do) community service — then you are eligible. Use it in any way you see fit — even just to cover your groceries so you can free up time to volunteer.

We made this program to encourage and support our members to get connected with their local communities — don’t miss out! — Allison The Editorial Director, MTV2/U On-Air Promos, provides creative oversight for all aspects of MTV2/U on-air promos, off-channel TV and digital campaigns and internal marketing communications.

The Editorial Director oversees the editorial voice of the MTV2 brand, assuring that it is unique and always relevant to the audience.

My name is Kory Mathewson; I am an improviser with Rapid Fire Theatre, and I am also a Ph. student in Computing Science studying artificial intelligence and machine learning at the University of Alberta.

If you want to read Part 1 of the story of me making an Artificial Improvisor, check it out here: Note: it was a failure. I had four short and clear goals for the morning: The same question my mom asked when she found my brother (9) and I (6) driving in a convertible we didn’t own.

It is my hope that by sharing the story here, the story can continue.

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