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On the tapes, it is revealed the house has a secret history, a mystery that nobody knows anything about.

As an American girl named Nina Martin (Nathalia Ramos) moves into Anubis House, another resident, Joy Mercer (Klariza Clayton), suddenly disappears without a warning and the school staff eliminate all traces of Joy's existence.

EGYPTAIR, one of the pioneers in aviation industry, was founded on May 7, 1932.

The national flag carrier of Egypt operates from the city of Cairo and happens to be the first airline in the Middle-East region.

Temperance fanaticism eventually triumphed and gave us 14 years of Prohibition.

That in turn spawned the crime syndicates for booze smuggling, laying the groundwork for today’s global drug trade. Now that marijuana regulations have been liberalized in Colorado, it’s time to strike down this dictatorial national law. The decrease in drunk-driving deaths in recent decades is at least partly attributable to more uniform seat-belt use and a strengthening of DWI penalties.

Being a member of Star Alliance, EGYPTAIR works on collaboration of some of the best airlines of the world.

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